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Foundations of Mindfulness

Foundations of Mindfulness is an eight-week mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) programme for navigating difficult intrusive thoughts & emotional distress.


MBCT is an evidence-based treatment which has been found to be effective for depression and anxiety, as well as a wide range of other emotional problems. The program provides the foundations of mindfulness, how we get stuck in depression and other difficult emotions.


Each week involves introducing new content and daily practices. These practices are invaluable in cultivating moment to moment awareness and noticing and interacting differently with our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. The program is interactive and provides space for reflections, mediation exercises and education with other participants and knowledgeable facilitators.

You will be provided all the material and your therapy facilitators will help create a safe therapeutic space for you to begin your journey in noticing & regulating your emotions. You will come away with effective tools and strategies for navigating persistent unwanted mood states.


Length: 8 Weeks

Thursdays @ 2:30PM – 4:00PM

Contact Gary on 943 9298 ( to discuss.

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