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Someone to talk to

We offer 6 to 8 one-on-one sessions with a Manu Ka Rere team member.

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Group Activities

We have a range of educational, active and creative groups with around 8-10 young people per group.

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Support for Family and Whānau

We offer support and educational groups for parents, and work alongside the parents of youth in our service.


“So grateful for the opportunity to get away, truly do need it.

Nature is so calming and healing.

Thank you so much"

"I enjoyed how easy everything was, like I felt all I had to do was show up with a positive attitude.

I loved the lake / accommodation too. Good choice especially as someone who hasn’t been on many walks.

I also really appreciated how supported I felt from the group leaders😊 I loved how everything was so chill.

Thanks so much
I really enjoyed it"

Tramp photo 2.jpg
tramp photo.jpg

"Nature really helped me clear my mind and start fresh before school started"

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